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PhD candidate for the project “Identification of mediators of the interorgan crosstalk in inflammatory and metabolic diseases” (Ref CIPROM/2022/42-02)

We are currently seeking an enthusiastic and motivated PhD candidate to join the proyect ““Identification of mediators of the interorgan crosstalk in inflammatory and metabolic diseases”. We invite applications from ambitious candidates with relevant research experience and passion for conducting research and innovation activities in the field of metabolism.

     PHD supervisor: Marta Casado Pinna

     Job location: Instituto de Biomedicina de Valencia, Spanish Council for Scientific Research (CSIC); Sede Yúfera; C/ d’Eduardo Primo Yúfera, 3, Bloque C, Planta 2, Quatre Carreres, 46012 Valencia (SPAIN)

     Full-time position (37.5 h/week)

Terms of appointment: The duration of the PhD Candidate contract will be for 3 years.

Whom we are seeking?

We are seeking brilliant, highly motivated students with a genuine love for Science who are interested in doing a PhD in our group. Candidates must:

  • Hold, or be in the process of obtaining, a bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy, Biology, Veterinary Medicine, Medicine, or related, and Master’s Degree in Health Sciences, or related, before the deadline for the admission of applications.
  • Be enrolled at the time of the formalization of the contract, in accordance with base 7.2. documentation accrediting admission to a doctoral program must be provided at the time the contract is formalized.
  • Have obtained a minimum BSc average grade of 8/10.
  • Not having been previously hired under this type of pre-doctoral contract, in this or any other entity, for a this or any other entity, for a longer period of time, which, added to the duration of the contract to be formalized, exceeds the legally the duration of the contract to be formalized, exceeds that legally permitted.

What we offer?

  • A candidature for a 3-year PhD predoctoral contract to join a group at IBV/CIPF with lots of exciting new ideas and projects!
  • To work at Instituto de Biomedicina de Valencia/Centro de Investigación Principe Felipe one of the key research institutes in Spain which bears a highly inter- and multi-disciplinary array of experts that favors the establishment of synergies and productive collaborations.
  • An integral formative program including laboratory work, high-quality seminars, and useful courses. The possibility of short-term research stays abroad to enhance your skills.
  • To attend international scientific meetings to learn a lot, present your work, and establish professional networks.

Tasks to be performed:

1.- Experimental pathology protocols of metabolic dysfunction. Identification of inflammatory mediators, immune alterations, and metabolome in animal and cellular models (classical metabolic tissues)

2.- Phenotypic, cellular, and molecular analysis of disease models (classical metabolic tissues: liver, adipose and kidney)

3.- Validation of biomarkers and evaluation of possible therapeutic applications.

Sounds good? Send your CV, your academic grades certificate, and a motivation letter to by February 23 2024.

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