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The Biomedical Research led to the development of new technologies and has provided novel treatments and diagnostic tools for many pathologies. Thanks to these advances, diseases considered in the past as fatal, became now chronic conditions, improving life expectance and quality for many patients.

The general goal of the research activity carried out at the IBV is to make significative contributions to the new advances and challenges of the biomedical research. More specifically, the work at the IBV is focussed in discovering the genetic and molecular bases of different human pathologies, as well as developing novel methods and approaches for the early diagnosis and treatment of diseases, with the aim of improving human health and social welfare. For this purpose we follow a multidisciplinary strategy based in the use of different experimental models (mice, C. elegans, human samples, cell cultures, etc.) and different approaches (functional, genetic, structural, bioinformatic, etc.).

Finally, another important mission of the IBV is to contribute to the formation of the new generations of scientists as well as to disseminate Science in an open form accessible to the citizens.

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