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At the Pathogen Gene Regulation Unit, we combine cutting-edge techniques and bioinformatic analyses to understand how microbial pathogens infect, survive, cause disease, and develop antibiotic resistance, both at the molecular and cellular levels.

Our main research focus is centred on understanding how translational regulation and alternative initiation mechanisms contribute to phenotypic adaptation and antibiotic resistance in bacteria. We have a special focus on Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the causative agent of human tuberculosis. We are integrating ribosome profiling data with molecular biology and biochemistry to characterise novel mechanisms for translation initiation. We are also using directed evolution and ribosome display to study the fundamental biochemistry and mutability of the mycobacterial ribosome.

Alternatively, we are also interested in integrating omics to understand adaptation to stress, infection, and antibiotic resistance in bacterial pathogens.


Teresa Cortes

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